Got an error writing communication packets


From time to time, in various systems, processes, and in this case even backup, we get the error. An example is from mysqldump: '

Dumping MySQL database adwords ..
.. dump failed! mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show table status like 'Nextag_Products_Bids_Working'': Got an error writing communication packets (1160)

Right in the middle of dumping the database. None of them make any sense, the database tables are local, communication is via socket. Many times, it's near the beginning of a program, so, it's opened the database, maybe read something like the date from MySQL, and, then immediately does something, which fails with this error. This is the second time this week for the mysqldump error. No message is logged in the mariadb error log. here is the my.cnf file:

No settings are in my.cnf.d

Nothing much is going on during the time the backup runs, machine very idle.


Centos 7 stock install


Sergei Golubchik


Steve Fatula


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