Wrong implementation of checking PLUGIN_VAR_SET condition


This issue is MariaDB specific. MySQL is not implement this condition checking.

In sql_plugin.cc, MariaDB implements PLUGIN_VAR_STR check as follows:

But, this implementation has a critical bug which causes SEGV.

This SEGV issues causes as follows:

  • Build latest Mroonga

  • Install built Mroonga into MariaDB

  • MySQL client lost connection against mysqld.

Lost connection log:

Because, these phenomena causes wrong condition about PLUGIN_VAR_STR.

In include/mysql/plugin.h, a series of PLUGIN_* value defined.
But, these value has a misleading point.

Here is the misleading point:
From PLUGIN_VAR_BOOL to PLUGIN_VAR_DOUBLE are not assumed as a flag. But, defined after PLUGIN_VAR_UNSIGNED macro value are designed as a flag.

OK, let's apply above description in practice.

Here is the line which has causes problem:

From above description,

is valid, because PLUGIN_VAR_NOCMDOPT and PLUGIN_VAR_MEMALLOC are designed as a flag. It is valid.

is invalid code. Because,

is true!
In more detail, PLUGIN_VAR_STR and PLUGIN_VAR_SET are defined as follows in include/mysql/plugin.h:

So, PLUGIN_VAR_SET & PLUGIN_VAR_STR ( 0x0007 AND 0x0005) equals PLUGIN_VAR_STR (0x0005).

This result causes following bug:
In latest Mroonga, specifies PLUGIN_VAR_SET ( https://github.com/mroonga/mroonga/blob/master/ha_mroonga.cpp#L965 ), not specifies PLUGIN_VAR_STR. But,

matches PLUGIN_VAR_STR, in spite of PLUGIN_VAR_STR is not set (NULL).

As a result, causes SEGV and not to be able to register Mroonga storage engine plugin into MariaDB.

I've added a fix patch which is written by Kohei Sutou.
original patch found by (Sorry, this email is in Japanese...) : http://sourceforge.jp/projects/groonga/lists/archive/dev/2015-January/003067.html


I've confirmed in Windows + Visual Studio 2013. But, other platform is affected this issue. e.g. CentOS 6.5.


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hiroshi HATAKE



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