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WebScaleSQL patches


As of 2014-05-08 there are 69 revisions. Legend: white: not decided, red: not applicable or declined, green: accepted, yellow: already in MariaDB, blue: InnoDB only change.

os_event_wait_time_low(): wait time calculation is messed up (Jan: This is a fix for upstream bug#72520, MDEV-6934)

Add an option to disable deadlock checking in InnoDB (jan: I do not see reason for this feature)

Change the default value for innodb_log_compressed_pages to false (jan 10.1, MDEV-6935)

Spurious wakeup in lock_wait_suspend_thread() (svoj: see bug#72123, MDEV-6933)

Fix compilation errors on osx (serg: fix errors as they appear in MariaDB)

Stabilize two new tests in MySQL-5.6.17 (serg: fix test as they fail in MariaDB)

Fix mysqld--help-notwin-profiling output for 5.6.17 (serg: we'll fix it using rdiff if we'll ever need to)

Modernize bison usage to work with bison3 (svoj: MDEV-4902)

Support millisecond timeouts for reads, writes, and connects (serg: no reason to have it)

Add JUnit reporting support to the MySQL test suite runner (serg: fb specific)

Support for NUMA interleave policy (svoj: non-InnoDB part is in MariaDB, innodb_buffer_pool_populate is in XtraDB)

Buffer pool list scan optimization (jan 10.1: MDEV-6936, upstream bug #71411: MDEV-6937)

Page cleaner should do LRU flushing regardless of server activity (Jan: This is for upstream bug#70500 and bug#71988, MDEV-6931)

Enable Lazy Flushing (MDEV-6932)

Made innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct my.cnf variable a double (Jan: This is for upstream bug#62534, MDEV-6930)

Super Read-Only (serg: looks fb specific)

Port v5.1 Prefix Index Queries Optimization (MDEV-6929)

Add basic atomic_stats type (svoj: yet used only by "Port v5.1 Prefix Index Queries Optimization", serg: we can't use C++11 yet, jan: not really needed)

Allow semisync plugins to link statically and do that by default (serg: MariaDB should have it)

Add trx pointer to struct mtr_t (MDEV-6928)

Share more structures (MDEV-6927)

Disable PerfSchema By Default (MDEV-6249)

Avoid unnecessary buf_flush_list() in startup code path (svoj: fixed in upstream, jan: no action needed)

Add basic suite of innodb stress tests (serg: no reason to add it)

Protect against writing to nullptr in net_write_buff (svoj: should not affect MariaDB)

Fix a bug with unsigned arithmetic (svoj: should not affect MariaDB)

Stop spawning dummy threads on client library initialization (fixed in 10.0.13)

Preserve CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS flag for compressed connections (svoj: this flag is ignored since rev.2502.531.2)

Correct error in lower_case_table_names conditional (MDEV-5850)

Don't require internal values, that should change, to not change (serg: leave as is to avoid merge problems)

Stabilize SHOW PROCESSLIST tests (serg: correct the problem as it appears in MariaDB)

Use single quotes for perl paths, in case of special symbols (fixed in 10.0.13)

Split mysqld--help-notwin into tests with and without profiling (serg: we'll fix it using rdiff if we'll ever need to)

Limit a test with hard-coded values to 16k page size (svoj: correct the problem as it appears in MariaDB)

Allow more time to restart in tests in 5.6 (svoj: see rev.2502.15.1)

Disable massive myisam test in debug mode (serg: no reason to disable it)

Don't test for internal jibba-jabba (serg: leave as is to avoid merge problems)

Fix "parts" suite tests (serg: patch reopens previously fixed vulnerability)

Mark one test as requiring profiling support (svoj: MariaDB doesn't have this test)

Remove hard-coded aio disable from mtr (svoj: MariaDB doesn't have it)

Bump the ram our tests use (serg: no reason to bump up the ram)

Update valgrind suppression for gcc 4.8.1 / glibc 2.17 (serg: correct warnings as they appear in MariaDB)

Remove bad "" operators (MDEV-6925)

Fix errors detected by ASan at runtime (MDEV-6329)

Fix errors detected by ASan at compile time (MDEV-6314)

Actually fix all the array bounds warnings (gcc BUG#61520)

Correct upstream warnings from calls to fwrite() (serg: correct warnings as they appear in MariaDB)

Correct basic warnings from official MySQL-5.6 (serg: correct warnings as they appear in MariaDB)

Adjust linking flags to not embed some libs (svoj: MariaDB is not affected)

Fix Oracle's disabling of libreadline (svoj: readline should work with MariaDB)

Enable linking with system libraries (serg: actually disables bundled libraries, MariaDB behaves better)

Switch to C++11 and C99 (serg: we want to support reasonably old compilers)

Remove -DWITH_DEBUG from cmake setup (svoj: removed by rev.3184)

Remove extra files from distro tarball (svoj: we don't have these files)

Add public phabricator config and testing support for WebScaleSQL (svoj: fb specific)

Imported mysql-5.6.17

Imported mysql-5.6.16

Imported mysql-5.6.15

Imported mysql-5.6.14

Imported mysql-5.6.13

Imported mysql-5.6.12

Imported mysql-5.6.11

Imported mysql-5.6.10

Imported mysql-5.6.9-rc

Imported mysql-5.6.8-rc

Imported mysql-5.6.7-rc

Imported mysql-5.6.6-m9

Imported mysql-5.6.5-m8

Imported mysql-5.6.4-m7





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