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[PATCH] Slave disconnects and fails to reconnect on Error_code: 1159


While replicating, slave server randomly prints this error and disconnects from master:

[ERROR] Slave I/O: The slave I/O thread stops because a fatal error is encountered when it try to get the value of SERVER_ID variable from master. Error: , Error_code: 1159
[Note] Slave I/O thread exiting, read up to log 'mysql-bin.xxxxxx', position xxxxxx

Where error code 1159 is in fact ER_NET_READ_INTERRUPTED: Got timeout reading communication packets

Executing STOP SLAVE; START SLAVE; on the slave server resumes the replication without any problem. The slave server should reconnect automatically though, which doesn't happen.

I believe the issue is in mariadb-sources/sql/slave.cc

There is a function called is_network_error(), which checks if the given error is network related. It's missing a check for ER_NET_READ_INTERRUPTED. Patch is very trivial:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 --- sql/slave.cc<----->2013-07-17 09:51:31.000000000 -0500 +++ sql/slave.cc<-->2014-02-19 02:06:55.591593796 -0600 @@ -1215,6 +1215,7 @@ bool is_network_error(uint errorno) errorno == ER_CON_COUNT_ERROR || errorno == ER_CONNECTION_KILLED || errorno == ER_NEW_ABORTING_CONNECTION || + errorno == ER_NET_READ_INTERRUPTED || errorno == ER_SERVER_SHUTDOWN) return TRUE;

Then mariadb will know that it was network related error and will try to reconnect automatically.


Linux (slackware)



Kristian Nielsen


Tomas Matejicek


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