Ensure that all MySQL 5.6 options are supported by the MariaDB 10.0 server


Like we did with:
MySQL 5.6 compatible option. Not used or needed in MariaDB

  • Add all non existing options in 5.6 to 10.0; For options we don't plan to do, we should use a comment as above. For things we plan to do the comment should be 'MySQL 5.6 option be implemented in later 10.x versions'

  • Generate a warning for each use of an option that is not yet implemented

  • Add support for options of the most popular plugins as well (InnoDB, MyISAM)

The following options exist in 5.6 but not in 10.0:

  • default-tmp-storage-engine (to be implemented)

  • log-raw (not needed)

  • default-authentication-plugin (to be implemented)

  • ignore-db-dir (served by ignore-db-dirs by shortening command line option, won't add)

  • binlog-max-flush-queue-time (not needed)

  • binlog-row-image (to be implemented)

  • explicit-defaults-for-timestamp (to be implemented)

  • master-info-repository (not needed)

  • relay-log-info-repository (not needed)

  • binlog-rows-query-log-events (suggest binlog-annotate-row-events)

  • binlog-order-commits (not needed)

  • log-throttle-queries-not-using-indexes (to be implemented)

  • end-markers-in-json (to be implemented)

  • optimizer-trace (to be implemented)

  • optimizer-trace-features (to be implemented)

  • optimizer-trace-offset (to be implemented)

  • optimizer-trace-limit (to be implemented)

  • optimizer-trace-max-mem-size (to be implemented)

  • eq-range-index-dive-limit (to be implemented)

  • server-id-bits (not needed)

  • slave-rows-search-algorithms (to be implemented)

  • table-open-cache-instances (not needed)

  • slave-allow-batching (to be implemented)

  • slave-checkpoint-period (not needed)

  • slave-checkpoint-group (not needed)

  • slave-parallel-workers (suggest slave-parallel-threads)

  • slave-pending-jobs-size-max (suggest slave-parallel-max-queued)

  • enforce-gtid-consistency (Kristian suggests no compatibility option)

  • gtid-mode (Kristian suggests no compatibility option)

  • disconnect-on-expired-password (to be implemented)

  • sha256-password-private-key-path (sha256_password plugin, to be implemented)

  • sha256-password-public-key-path (sha256_password plugin, to be implemented)

The following options exist in 5.5 and 5.6 but not in 10.0:

  • abort-slave-event-count (suggest debug-abort-slave-event-count)

  • disconnect-slave-event-count (suggest debug-disconnect-slave-event-count)

  • exit-info (suggest debug-exit-info)

  • max-binlog-dump-events (suggest debug-max-binlog-dump-events)

  • sporadic-binlog-dump-fail (suggest debug-sporadic-binlog-dump-fail)

  • new (not needed)

  • skip-new (will be served by "new", won't add)

  • skip-stack-trace (served by "stack-trace" option, won't add)

The following options were added after 5.6.10:

  • innodb-buffer-pool-evict // UNIV_DEBUG (to be implemented, but won't add per Serg's suggestion)

  • innodb-ft-total-cache-size (to be implemented, but won't add per Serg's suggestion)

  • innodb-ft-result-cache-limit (to be implemented, but won't add per Serg's suggestion)

  • innodb-log-compressed-pages (to be implemented, but won't add per Serg's suggestion)

  • innodb-log-checkpoint-now // UNIV_DEBUG (to be implemented, but won't add per Serg's suggestion)

  • rpl-stop-slave-timeout (to be implemented)

  • validate-user-plugins (to be implemented)

The following NO_CMD_LINE options exist in 5.6 but not in 10.0 (won't add them):

  • gtid-executed

  • gtid-next

  • gtid-next-list

  • gtid-owned

  • gtid-purged

  • log-bin-basename

  • relay-log-basename

  • server-uuid

  • transaction-allow-batching


Sergey Vojtovich


Sergey Vojtovich



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