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Implement option for "abortive" connection close via SO_LINGER option

When client connection are created and closed in rapid succession, depending on TCP implementation (ephemeral port range, 2MSL timeout), there might be a suituation where no socket can be created anymore, since all local ports are used used ("nestat" would show a lot of sockets in TIME_WAIT state, due to 2MSL timeout).

This situation can be prevented if socket is closed "hard", i.e client can send RST flag on TCP packet , instead of usual longish close procedure. There is a special socket option that can be used for hard close (SO_LINGER). in Java, socket.setSoLinger(true,0) will take care of "hard" close of TCP connection.

The task is to provide a boolean parameter tcpAbortiveClose (default false), that helps to prevent ephemeral port shortage , using setSoLinger as described above.



Vladislav Vaintroub


Vladislav Vaintroub

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