MySQL WL#3126: TCP address binding for mysql client library


This feature is not merged to 10.0: WL#3126: TCP address binding for mysql client library. Either merge it or close this issue as won't fix.

On clients with multiple possible TCP routes to a server
it would be nice to be able to specify which of the clients
cofigured IP address to connect to the server from.

E.g. with my laptop that has both a wireless and a twisted
pair network interface both connectiong to the same network
segment on the same router i'd like to be able to configure
which interface to use (preferably the wired one as it is faster,
but sometimes the wireless one as i might want to wander
around), right now it just depends on which interface became
the default route for the network which itself depends on the
order in which the DHCP leases for the interfaces were received
on startup.

This also affects authentication against the MySQL server
as we authenticate client hosts by their connection IP
address, so right now i need to add user entries for both
possible client addresses or have to use wildcards in the
host address part.






Sergey Vojtovich


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